My Running Shoes

After yesterday’s 10k I looked down at my feet and noticed that my running shoes, both of them, had tears in them. This may explain why my back is a little sore today. I think I outran my shoes.

I bought this pair, really my first ever running shoes, in France and have been running in them for months. I’m sure there is some sort of formula for determining when one’s shoes have “run” out of usefulness. I’m not sure what that is but I’m guessing mine are past that.

I took this picture tonight to honor my shoes and, in so doing, honor the miles and miles I’ve run in them. Pardon me for going on about this. It’s just I never really imagined myself being a runner, especially at this point in my life.

So here’s to you, my first pair of running shoes. Well done!

Your thoughts?

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