Thought Process…

The next two days, today being the first, are very busy days at PSCS. Tonight we had a board meeting, which means Melinda and I didn’t get home until after 10pm. And tomorrow night is the school’s fall potluck, which means something similar in terms of when we will get home.

That in mind, I don’t really have a blog post plan tonight. Some days I think about what I might post as the day goes on. I even stage photo opportunities. Some times I even plan things days in advance. Then there are days like today in which I really haven’t thought a lot about the blog. Come night time, I don’t really have an idea what I might write about, nor do I have a picture in mind.

When that happens I find that I like to go back and see what we were doing on this day last year in Nantes. It’s funny. I remember this particular week like it wasn’t as long as a year ago. The week included a lot of rain, so much that it became clear it was time to move from heating the pool to heating the house (The Heat is On). It was also the week in which I saw my first hockey game in France (Hockey Night in France), what has turned out to be one of my most viewed blog posts.

Today’s photo comes from this week a year ago in Nantes. I’m at the tram stop outside Ella’s school in the rain waiting for her. Ah….

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