Millions at Your Fingertips!

I attended a conference in downtown Seattle this morning (as in Wednesday morning – it’s been such a busy day I’m actually writing this after midnight, making it Thursday morning as I write). After it was over, I walked to PSCS, about 15 minutes away. On my walk I passed a building that had this piece of art in its lobby. Walking by, I did a double-take, surprised to see something in French. I entered the lobby and took this picture.

The art piece is by French artist Bernard Villemot, known for his advertising images for Orangina, a popular French soft drink. The piece is specific to a national lottery. I took the title of today’s post from the statement in the lower right, “des millions a votre portée,” “millions at your fingertips.”

Now I’m no big fan of lotteries but I do like Villemot’s art and I do like seeing French. And on a busy day like today, it was a nice distraction.

Your thoughts?

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