Waiting For Chloe

It’s 10:15 on a Friday night. I’m messing around on the computer, having just read some sports articles. Melinda is doing some online research for PSCS about relational databases (she knows how to have fun on a Friday night!). Ella, apparently, has just finished a version of her holiday/birthday wish list and is now cleaning up her room (wow, she also knows what Friday nights are for).

Mostly, though, we are waiting for Chloe to get home.

That’s right, Chloe is making an unplanned trip home this weekend! It’s a holiday weekend in Canada (Thanksgiving up there) and Chloe’s friend Alex (yes, the same Alex as seen here) who also attends Quest University, is from Seattle and has a car is heading home for the weekend. Chloe is hitching a ride.

So here we sit, whiling away the time on laptops and desktops, looking forward to seeing Chloe. This has been by far and away the longest we’ve ever gone without seeing her.

So we’re excited.

Your thoughts?

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