Same As it Ever Was

Ahhh… It’s so nice to have Chloe back at home this weekend. She walked in the door last night within 5 minutes of me hitting the “publish” button for last night’s post. Melinda, Ella & I all converged on her to greet her, bisous at the ready and delivered. She was equally pleased to greet us. As she entered the house I heard her exclaim that it smelled like her house. Man, I know that feeling, of knowing you’re home when you smell your house. She was even more excited to be in her room, to sleep in her bed, to sleep in.

I think she got up around 10:30 this morning.

She reconnected with her best friend Carly from across the street, seen with Chloe in today’s photo. The two went for a walk around Green Lake and spent time at University Village. Chloe also made chocolate chip cookies, something she said that she was really looking forward to doing given she does not have an oven in her dorm. She’s done several loads of laundry, just like a college student home for a long weekend is expected to do. She pointed out that our machine is not only bigger, thus able to handle more clothes, it doesn’t require “loonies” or “toonies” (Canadian dollar and two dollar coins).

I think she meant that it’s cheaper.

She intends to return to school on Monday with several things, including clean clothes and sheets, chocolate chip cookies, Wheat Thins, and toilet paper. College staples.

Your thoughts?

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