A Date With Nick Lowe (and Melinda)

Melinda and I just got back from seeing Nick Lowe tonight at the Triple Door in Seattle. Wow, what a show. I mean it. He was absolutely great. That’s a picture I took of Nick on stage tonight. We knew every song he played, including a a cover of Elvis Costello’s “Alison,” “I Knew the Bride” and “When I Write The Book.” He introduced the latter song by saying Seattle was the first city to embrace his old band Rockpile. That took me back to 1980, my senior year in high school, when a group of us saw Nick and Rockpile at the Paramount.

Remember the Nick Lowe salute, Marc Burns??

Speaking of stories involving Nick Lowe, the first time Melinda and I went out together was to see Nick Lowe. This was 21 years ago last month and is a very funny story because Melinda made a huge point that day to tell me in no uncertain terms that her going to see Nick Lowe with me was not a date. Of course less than 4 months later we were married. I referenced this in my first ever post on the Kind Living blog.

I also referenced Nick Lowe about a month ago here when I wrote about listening to his new record. We’ve been listening to the disk regularly since, leading Melinda to lean over at one point tonight and ask me if such and such was a new or an older song. That one there, Melinda, “I Read a Lot,” it’s brand new.

2 thoughts on “A Date With Nick Lowe (and Melinda)

  1. I believe you thought he was saluting his biggest fan from SHS: you! What was the venue this time? Bet it wasn’t as big as that time….

    We saw Nick S in LA a few years ago and went to see Nick L in Hollywood. Fun stuff.

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