The other night Melinda and I watched a documentary made by a man who regained his health through juicing. Years and years ago, we bought a juicer, wanting to make our own concoctions. But the amount of juice generated was small and the amount of mess generated was large, leading us to ultimately get rid of that juicing machine. Watching the documentary re-inspired us.

This morning we were doing a little online research about 21st century home juicers and learned about those made by Breville, considered by many to be the best out there. They provide juicers in a wide price range but all are still at least $100. Making a quick detour to CraigsList, I found a local yard sale listed in which the entry level Breville juicer was being offered for only $25! Melinda and I snatched it up.

By mid-afternoon we had become mesmerized by the ease of juicing with this machine. Two pears, an apple, a carrot and half a lime yielded each of us a huge glass of absolutely delicious juice. Tonight, as a nightcap, I made another batch, this one consisting of celery, carrot, snow peas, apple, grapes and ginger.

We’re hooked!

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