Blue Socks?

First, let me just point out that the blog got 144 hits yesterday, about double the recent average. Just what makes this happen, I wonder. Given I don’t post until the evening, most of the visits are coming for the previous day’s post which, in this case, had to do with my weight loss. Do you think it was some kind of Google search having to do with losing weight? Like I said, I wonder.

Clearly, a photo like today’s (or yesterday’s) is much more interesting than one of me having to do with losing weight. I mean just look at young, three year-old Ella here, another from my collection of our trip to France in the year 2000. I think the only thing that prevents this from being a full-blown “French” photo is the blue socks. It’s breakfast time in our Paris hotel. Ella’s got a croissant and hot chocolate. She looks great.

But blue socks?

Your thoughts?

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