Thinking About Food

A year ago today I wrote about the crêpes that Ella’s homeroom teacher made for her to bring home to the rest of us. It was such a profound act of kindness that I let it supplant what I first intended to write about that day, the fact that Melinda made homemade coq au vin (I did tell about that two days later). Today’s photo is from exactly a year ago. As you can see, it’s of Melinda in our kitchen in Nantes making said coq au vin.

I’ve got food on my mind – crêpes, coq au vin, anything(!) – because Melinda talked me in to joining her for a 10 day juice cleanse. The other day I wrote about the fact we bought a juicer. Now I guess we have to use it. And use it. And use it. Man, are we ever going through a lot of produce. And man, am I ever hungry.

Truth be told, I’m ending this juice cleanse after Day 5, which is tomorrow. But Melinda has asked that I keep to a strict vegie diet for her remaining 5 days. Which, of course, means no coq au vin (just writing that makes my mouth water).

Say, can coq au vin go through the juicer??

Your thoughts?

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