One More From Chloe

So last night I wrote about Chloe’s pumpkin weekend at college. I thought I’d use another photo tonight she sent me from that pumpkin carving event. With her in this picture is her roommate Andrea. I wrote about the roomies back on September 3rd. It sounds like they continue to get along splendidly. In fact, Andrea will be heading to Seattle to stay with us for an American Thanksgiving in a few weeks.

In other news, Melinda spent a chunk of the weekend working on putting in a ceiling in our laundry room. This is a very hard thing to do because of all the plumbing pipes and heat ducts. But she’s committed to it and soldiers on. She’s also committed to continuing the juice cleanse, this being her 7th day. I returned to using my teeth yesterday.

Tomorrow I have jury duty and am due at the courthouse at 8am. This will cause me to miss school for at least the start of the day and perhaps longer. If I get on a jury, it could be several days. I’ll know more tomorrow.

One thought on “One More From Chloe

  1. I love that you did not grumble about Jury Duty like so many Americans do. I was on a jury once and my views definitely impacted the final decision in a positive way for the defendent. It was a difficult experience, to sit in judgment on anyone. It is not comfortable, but to be fair and impartial is so important that the juror learns something as well. I have Jury Duty next month.

    I can think of no one more qualified to sit on a Jury that those motivated by kindness.

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