View From the Jury Room (Jury Duty – Day Two)

It was a long, tiring day in court today. Lots and lots of testimony. Much of it fairly boring. Much of it redundant. But from a legal standpoint, I suppose, all of it was necessary to establish various facts and determine expertise and authority. It takes some doing to stay attentive through all of it sometimes, especially when the same question is being asked to yet another witness.

Still, it’s a fascinating process. Being on a jury is tremendously fulfilling. I recommend it!

During breaks we are ushered in to the jury room. There is a big table inside, just like you’d expect, and enough chairs for 12 people to comfortably sit around it. This is where our deliberation will take place, likely on Thursday (but maybe early as tomorrow if things go quickly).

Of interest, this is the only room in the courthouse I’ve been in with a window. And the view out the window is to the west and just across the street is the famous Smith Tower, one of the world’s first skyscrapers (I kid you not). If you study the picture carefully, which I took at the tail end of the lunch recess, you’ll see a ferry on the Puget Sound.

If that doesn’t say “Seattle,” nothing does.

2 thoughts on “View From the Jury Room (Jury Duty – Day Two)

  1. Andy, I’m looking forward to sharing jury stories when we get together for boissons and talk. If you want to get elected foreman of the jury, bring donuts tomorrow. It worked for me.


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