Among Melinda’s Challenges

Next Saturday Melinda and I need to get dressed up for a special occasion. And since I don’t spend a huge chunk of my time worrying about getting dressed up, Melinda has taken on the challenge for me. And what a challenge it is. Just listen.

Last weekend she had me trying on all of my fancy clothes. That took about 5 minutes, long enough to realize that they are much looser on me than they were before we left for France (see Tracking My Weight). This morning she came back from Brenda’s and Greg’s house with one of Greg’s suits. He’s bigger (read: more muscular) than I am so it didn’t really work, either. Now we’re back to the suit I’m wearing in today’s picture.

It was purchased for me by Melinda’s mother back in 1998 so I’d have something nice to wear as the officiant of Brenda’s & Greg’s wedding (or as I like to say, first I married Melinda, then I married her sister). Melinda dismissed it last weekend as being both too old and too baggy (and something negative about pleats, I think), but it may be winning out now. The other option left is renting one for 100+ dollars. I don’t think so.

Now she’s trying to decide if the purple shirt is a winner or a loser. After that, there’s still the tie to figure out. Apparently, a relevant consideration is whether or not the tie matches her dress. Not owning any ties, I put on the baseball cap and asked, “Does this hat go with your dress?”

That’s just how I am. Challenging.

3 thoughts on “Among Melinda’s Challenges

  1. Don’t mean to be a downer, but I think you need some new clothes.The color of the shirt is good, but the collar is too big. Try Freecycle or a second hand store.

  2. depending on how much you want to spend..and how much time you have, I would look on eBay. Men’s dress shirts to look for- hugo boss, enzo, english laundry, 7 diamonds, also the genre (may be in vintage or ethnic category) guayabera mexican wedding shirts, and tuxedo shirts can also be very nice (not the huge ruffle type!!) I could recommend a suit seller if you want…I also saw some great ties from Kenzo on ebay…you could get a cool outfit, in awesome condition or even new for $100

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