A Picture From Wyoming!

Melinda made me get up at 4am today. Why? To take her to the airport. Why? She flew out this morning to spend the next week with her best childhood friend, Nina and Nina’s family (husband and 3 kids). Where does Nina live? In Wyoming. Where’s Wyoming? That way (pointing east).

So, yes, we kicked Melinda out of the house for a week. With Chloe away at college, that leaves just Ella and me, reminding me of last January when Melinda and Chloe left Ella and me in Nantes. Except then, both Ella and I were sick. This time we’re not. Well, we’re not in France, either. We’re just hanging out. I took some time this afternoon to watch the movie “Everything is Illuminated,” which I absolutely loved. Ella has been listening to music, country music in fact (I bet she’d like Wyoming!).

Melinda and I have been exchanging text messages over the last few minutes and I got her to send me one with a picture, this one of her with Nina fixing dinner. So here it is, a first on the blog: A picture from Wyoming!

2 thoughts on “A Picture From Wyoming!

  1. Wyoming is a big state! Where in Wyoming does Nina live? I just spent ten days in New Hampshire with my best friend of almost 40 years, recharging my batteries! There is nothing more sustaining that to spend time with someone who loves you with no expectations. It was wonderful!

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