Chrissie Loves Bernie

Anyone remember that short-lived American TV show from the early 70s called “Bridget Loves Bernie?” You don’t? Well, shame on you. I do. It starred Meredith Baxter and David Birney and surrounded the travails of a young couple, one of whom was Catholic (Bridget) and the other of whom was Jewish (Bernie). Laughs galore, especially at how their parents would fight over everything.

Well, today’s photo made me think of that show! See, that’s French-born Bérnard (Bernie) on the left and American-born Christine (Chrissie) on the right. See the connection? They sent the picture to Melinda and me last week under the subject line “tchin tchin,” words used in France for a toast. The email arrived mid-morning and included this line, “It might not be a good time for you to have a drink, you people have weird kind of hours…”

We do have weird hours here in Seattle. They take place 9 hours after things in France. So by the time Melinda and I are ready to toast Chrissie and Bernie, they are fast asleep!

Ah, our French friends. We miss them. I am pleased to say that we received photos from Bérnard and Christine last week, including this one, and photos from Frédérique and Laurent yesterday. Expect to see one of those here very soon.

Meanwhile, I’m off to bone up on my American TV show knowledge. See ya!

Your thoughts?

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