Hot Chicks in Tub

Don’t blame me! That’s the subject line Melinda and/or Nina used when they sent me this picture a few minutes ago. You see, I asked Melinda to email me a photo, and I admit that when she said they had just gotten out of the hot tub and had a couple of pictures of them in it that I said one of those would be perfect. But I didn’t say anything about how to describe the photo.

Makes me wonder, though, considering they each are having a glass of wine, if they meant to write Chicks in Hot Tub. Perhaps I should ask.

Hmmm… Another thought just occurred to me, this one related to my spam post from a few days ago. Do you think this entry will get a few more “hits” given its title? I bet it does, meaning it might generate a bit more spam, too. I’ll keep an eye out.

In other news, I had a Skype chat with Chloe this afternoon. She was working on a 7 page paper due on Friday and chatting with her floormates about a community dinner that was being planned in their dorm. They’re making salmon. Wow! We also talked about the two friends Chloe will be bringing home for Thanksgiving weekend in a couple of weeks.

Speaking of that weekend, on November 27th I’ll be running the half marathon portion of the Seattle Marathon, 13.1 miles. I’m all registered. In preparation, this morning I ran for two hours. Without stopping.

Wish I had a hot tub for my tired legs…

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