PSCS & Ella, 1997

I’m going in back in time for tonight’s post. You see, I’ve got PSCS on my mind as the school has been keeping me very busy over the last couple of weeks. Frankly, it’s never NOT busy at PSCS, but the last couple of weeks have been busier than usual. For instance, today was the first day of what we call Reflection Week, three days of community building, group reflecting, and program evaluation. I’m in charge of it and it keeps me on my toes.

With PSCS occupying much of my attention, I found myself looking through the school’s photo archive and came across this picture. It’s from 1997 and is of a very young Ella, less than a year old.

As an infant, Ella spent a lot of time at the PSCS office since Melinda was there every day. This raised an interesting question on the first day of school this year. One of the teachers challenged the students to line up in the order of the amount of time they had attended PSCS. In one interpretation of the exercise, Ella, who became a PSCS student three years ago, would be near the “longer” side but not at the end. But if you take into account she was at PSCS in 1997 (in fact, Melinda went into labor with Ella while at work in 1996), Ella has quite a bit of seniority on everyone.

Your thoughts?

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