Photo Shoots and 50th Anniversaries

Three years ago today, Melinda organized it so that all of my parents’ grandchildren came over to our house for a photo shoot in our neighborhood park. The occasion? My parents’ 50th anniversary. That’s right, three years ago today was my parent’s 50th anniversary, meaning today is their 53rd. Happy anniversary!

So, yes, we took all 7 grandkids into the park and started snapping pictures, 140 of them by the time we were done. Toward the end of the picture-snapping, we got a really good one of everyone standing on piece of playground equipment. Melinda and I hustled over to a photo shop and had an enlargement of the picture made, framed it, and gave it to them on behalf of the family. My parents were very pleased and that photo holds a prominent space on a wall in their living room.

To honor the anniversary today, I’ve chosen another of the photos from that day. In the lower row from L-R are Olivia, Ella and Stephanie. Behind them from L-R are Jessica, Nick, Tammy and Chloe.

One thought on “Photo Shoots and 50th Anniversaries

  1. The most beautiful, handsome, talented group of kids in the whole world. And as their grandmother I know it better than anyone.

    Thanks for the tribute, Andy.

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