Thanksgiving 2011

To Chloe’s right (left side of the photo) is Andrea. And on Chloe’s left is Anna. Please meet two of her best friends from college, both of whom are spending the Thanksgiving holiday with us. I took this photo using Anna’s incredible camera just before dinner, wanting a shot of the three young women for today’s entry.

Andrea, I’ve mentioned before. She’s Chloe’s roommate and you may recall that she is from Bolivia. Anna is from Singapore. Both girls have become part of Chloe’s circle of best girlfriends. Watching them interact, I’m reminded of all the stories one hears about the lifetime connections with college friends. Clearly, these three care about each other.

They arrived last night at about 10:45, a little more than two hours later than Chloe had hoped. A big reason for the tardy arrival had to do with getting stopped at the Canada-US border. Apparently, both Andrea and Anna had to explain why they were entering the US, where they were staying, stuff like that. This necessitated a trip inside the immigration office at the border. One part of their border crossing story made me chuckle, though. A good-natured immigration officer apparently told the two that it is a US tradition for Thanksgiving dinner guests to clean the rugs of their host’s home.

As you might expect, I keep asking when they plan to get this job done.

Your thoughts?

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