Sisters / Daughters

What could be nicer for Melinda and me than a showcase photo like this? Here they are, our daughters, Chloe & Ella. The picture is from last night’s Thanksgiving dinner, just before the food was served. Looking at it carefully, I am quick to note how grown up the girls are. Well, I guess at 18 Chloe is considered a grown-up. But Ella is just 14. Ah, what the heck. They’re both just my girls.

I’ve had a little “alone time” with each girl today. Ella and I watched a couple of episodes of the TV show “Modern Family.” I hadn’t really watched it before but had heard good things about it. I found it quite funny, especially the episode in which a couple decided to go on a juice fast. Given Melinda and I did just that a few weeks back, it was especially timely and funny.

After going shopping with Andrea and Anna this afternoon, Chloe wanted to get some Indian food. Doing this was on her wish list of things to do over the holiday weekend. We ordered a couple of dishes from her favorite Indian food restaurant, Bengal Tiger, and together, she and I went to pick them up to bring home. It was nice having time alone with her in the car.

As the girls have gotten older, I’ve looked forward to having more of these adult interactions with them.

2 thoughts on “Sisters / Daughters

  1. Having a daughter with only girls and a son with only boys, I find I am really enjoying the comments you share about being a father of daughters. I was fortunate to have a daughter and then six years later a son, so I made few comparisons, but was able to really relish the differences in each and nurish each as they grew up to be adults. Even today I am struck at how differently I feel about my daughter and my son in their adult roles and a woman and mother and a man and father.

    I wonder if you make many comparisons (or perhaps contrasts) about your girls. Thank you once again for allowing me to get a glimpse into the window on your life. Your friend, Linda

  2. Just realized that my family was four children, the oldest my brother, then me followed by two sisters. I always felt my Dad was much harder on my brother than on us girls. Maybe that was a factor of the times – we were born in the 40’s. On the other hand my brother undoubtedly was the apple of his mother’s eye which made up for my father being a little more demanding on my brother.

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