On Age

A good friend commented on my Facebook page today that I looked young while crossing the finish line in Sunday’s half marathon. What a nice thing to say. Interestingly, I was having just the opposite reaction, especially after seeing this photo of me taken by Melinda moments after I crossed the line. Other than the fact that I’m wearing contacts instead of glasses and therefore look quite a bit different, even to me, don’t I look a bit old? Wrinkles, gray in my beard, dripping water on my forehead…

Hey, I am holding my finisher’s medal, though.

It is a funny thing I’m experiencing at age 48, how I feel younger than I think I appear to other people. For instance, when I’m out in public, say in a grocery store, I see someone and think, “Oh, he’s probably my age.” Thinking about it later and talking to Melinda, I come to conclude that this “he” is probably under 30. Similarly, the people I think now look old are probably my age.

It’s like when I got to the age where all the Seattle Mariners on the team roster were younger than me. Is that some kind of milestone? Or the start of some kind of crisis?

One thought on “On Age

  1. Two thoughts….people look at me and see whatever this looks like to them, but I look out of the same eyes I had decades ago, and see the world with a view of a 30-year old.
    Each morning I look in the mirror and say…hmmm, there’s a new wrinkle, and later the same day, I look and say to myself, well, not bad for 70.
    And currently it feels like a battle between the “trying to be limber, flexible and strong” in yoga, and on the other hand, the body slowly falling apart.
    You’ve got a lot to look forward to!

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