“Little Chloe”

Here’s an extreme close-up of our niece Perrin, who is spending the night with us tonight, the first time. The title of tonight’s entry refers to the fact that she’ll be sleeping in Chloe’s bed. As such, we decided to call her “Little Chloe” and have anointed Ella to be her big sister.

As I write it’s 8:30pm. Big sister Ella and “Little Chloe” are snug under blankets watching the Grinch. For a chilly Friday night in December, it doesn’t get much better than this. That is, unless you add in the fact that after dinner we all ventured to Trophy Cupcakes at U Village to pick up cupcakes for dessert. When the idea was first being bantered about, I’m pretty sure “Little Chloe” didn’t think we were serious. Once we explained that in OUR house we spend every Friday night going out for cupcakes and staying up all night to eat them, I think some confidence in the idea was had.

Apparently in “Little Chloe’s” house, they don’t often go out at night for cupcakes.

2 thoughts on ““Little Chloe”

  1. I’m thinking about the cupcakes. What kind did each of you pick out? It sounds like a lot of excitement before going to bed. Hope you will take me some day??

    For the last three posts I haven’t gotten a picture – including no ‘little Chloe”. Is that because I am on some strange hookup here in Hawaii??

    1. Well, as you might expect, these cupcakes are far from gluten-free. In terms of flavors, Ella got “Salted Caramel,” Melinda & Perrin each got “Coconut,” and I got something called “Hummingbird.” I was relieved to find out it wasn’t made of actual hummingbirds but of bananas, instead. Regarding the pictures, I suspect that is due to your connection there as I know the photos are working.

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