My Sunday Run

Every Sunday morning since we’ve been back from France I get up early and go for a run. Last Sunday, of course, that run was the half marathon. But, typically, these runs are quiet and solo, time for contemplation. I love it. Today’s run included the morning sun and blue sky!!

My usual path takes me from our house to Magnuson Park, around the park for a bit, and back. It’s a run that has some serious hills, which makes it a good training run. Although I’ve not measured it, I estimate the distance I’m running to be right around 7 miles.

The quickest I’ve ever run this route is 62 minutes. I’ve run this speed consistently but today vowed to complete the run in 60 minutes. I pushed myself hard from the start when I normally coast while I get warm. Having not run at all since last Sunday and pushing myself, I found myself getting tired. This started playing on my mind, especially as I climbed the killer hill from Sand Point Way to the top of View Ridge, but I kept going. Getting home, I found I had shattered my record, running in 56 minutes.

I took this picture this morning (with my French cell phone) as I ran along Lake Washington at Magnuson Park.

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