French 75

The title of this post refers to a cocktail made with gin, lemon juice, sugar and champagne. The photo is of Michele, Melinda’s mother. Tallied, yesterday was Michele’s 75th birthday! So last night we gathered at the home of Dwight and Michele to celebrate (no gifts, please).

In attendance were Dwight & Michele, Brenda, Greg & Perrin, and Melinda, Ella & me. At one point in the evening, Dwight, Greg and I were involved in a conversation about our wives. We looked over at them and, while sipping our French 75 cocktails, commented how good they all looked. I’m not about to suggest that the cocktails had anything to do with the topic of conversation. I’m just trying to be an unbiased reporter presenting nothing but the facts.

Other facts of the evening include that we ate lasagna for dinner. Ella pronounced it delicious, an evaluation I happen to agree with. Perrin completed many fine drawings. The adults sipped cocktails. The men adored their wives.

One thought on “French 75

  1. Joyeux Anniversaire à Michelle de la famille Boudeau de Bressuire. A la santé : chin, chin !
    Bisous à toute votre famille.

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