I’m Chilly!

The house in which we lived in Nantes was well insulated and solid, and therefore was much warmer in the winter than our Seattle house. As we get deeper in December and the darkness stays around longer in the morning and arrives earlier in the afternoon, we are really feeling it, “it” being chilly. Add in the typical damp Seattle fall and it can feel downright cold. When one is inside and it feels cold, it can be kind of frustrating. I mean my nose is even running!

I decided to warm myself up by looking through some photos from this past summer of us sitting by the pool in Nantes or playing in it. Not wanting to embarrass other members of my family by including photos of them, I chose this one of me. Look, I’m smiling and obviously comfortable. I’m not only warm, I’m even tan!

Ah, a good way to warm up. Looking at these photos.

One thought on “I’m Chilly!

  1. I hate to suggest the obvious, but fat is a great insulator! I am rarely cold, but then I also follow the axiom “if your feet are cold, put on your hat.” I have a wonderful fleece lined stocking cap that I wear when I winter camp or on any day I am feeling chilly, indoors or out. We try to keep our indoor temps low as I imagine you do, but once in awhile I just have to kick it up a couple degrees. With the advent of wonderful down comforters, we sleep warm even if our noses get cold and I often wear a vest indoors for that extra insulation. I love the picture of you! Makes me feel the warmth of the day and your happiness. As always thanks for your postings.

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