A Long Day at PSCS

It’s just past 10pm and we’re just home from school. Today is one of those L O N G days that sometimes happen when you work for a school. Not only did we have a regular school day in length, but Wednesdays also include our weekly 2 hour staff meeting, so we had that today, too. But then from 7-9pm was a community-wide event, a dessert potluck. It’s a great event, one that allows the parents and others to absorb more of the school culture. But for those of us on staff, it makes for a tiring day.

To illustrate that my focus today was all on PSCS, I’ve chosen a photo I found yesterday on the school camera. It comes from a couple of weeks ago when I was facilitating a game at school. It was a pretty crazy game, one that involves waste paper baskets, throwing crumpled pieces of paper over your head, and some silly competition. In other words, it’s supposed to fun.

Speaking of fun, that’s an important word at PSCS. Even on these long days.

Your thoughts?

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