Coiffure Esthétique

I received an email today from Bernard in Nantes under the subject line I’ve used as the title of this entry (translation: Hairstyling Aesthetics). Today’s photo was attached to the email which reads in full:

Hi Andy,
Could you fix my hair please? Meet me at ligne 1, arrêt Halvêque.
Andy, ligne 1, U Express and blue sky. What else?

The email and photo made me laugh out loud. I called Melinda to take a look and she laughed out loud even longer than I did. You see, I read her the email and then slowly scrolled down to reveal the photo, Bernard’s follicle-impaired dome being the last part of it to emerge.

To Bernard I say this. Bernie, I can think of few things I’d like more than you, Ligne 1, a U Express and blue sky. Toss in Chrissie and Melinda and you’ve got a double-date. Deal?

Those Bertails in Nantes, we love them.

Your thoughts?

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