SYC Christmas Brunch

Yesterday, Dwight & Michele picked up Ella and together they met Greg & Perrin at the Seattle Yacht Club for brunch. Now this wasn’t just any ordinary brunch, this was the annual Christmas brunch. When Chloe and Ella were younger, Melinda and I would attend, too. It became one of my favorite events of the holiday season. Today’s picture of Michele with Ella and Perrin comes from yesterday’s event.

Of the many things I enjoyed about the SYC Christmas brunch, getting dressed up and having a sit down meal with dozens of other families with young kids ranks near the top. Okay, I admit it, I always looked forward to the bacon, too. Lots of it. Ask Dwight. But on top of there being bacon, each year Santa Claus pays a visit and delivers presents to all of the kids. Among my cherished memories of this event include Ella getting scared over seeing Santa, and the year Chloe, excited to be opening her gift, got a set of holiday dishes. Her reaction, “I got … dishes?” was priceless and he remains one of Michele’s and my favorite stories to remind each other.

I’m pleased Ella was invited along and I hear Perrin loved having her cousin be present. Fun times, just what the holidays are all about.

Your thoughts?

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