Christmas Eve Eve

It’s the night before the night before Christmas and here’s what’s happening in our house right now. I’m writing this blog post. Ella is watching TV. Chloe is working out. And Melinda is busy redecorating the house (or at least moving all the pictures on the walls). You see, we are hosting family on each of the next two days so we want to get the house in order. I do this by posting to the blog. Ella does this by watching TV. Chloe does this by working out. And Melinda does this by redecorating the house (or at least moving all the pictures on the walls).

Guess who’s being the most productive?

That’s right. It’s Chloe! She is working out after all.

Okay, so Melinda wants everything to look nice for our guests. We have her side of the family coming tomorrow and then my side on Sunday. Today’s picture includes one of the photos Melinda just put up to make the house look nice. Recognize the subject? It’s the Royal de Luxe in Nantes, from May, one of Melinda’s sabbatical highlights (learn more at this blog link). The photo on the wall is up in our kitchen. Extra credit points to anyone who can find another souvenir from France in this picture.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Eve

  1. Well, I must have had a senior moment the day you posted it. I will try again. I made a guess that the can of Sardines must be your other French memento. Could not figure out any other reason for it to be on the shelf.

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