Our Nantes House

So Christine emailed me a few days ago and in her message made an off-hand comment about the house in Nantes in which Melinda, Chloe, Ella & I lived last year. Her comment had to do with the house being decorated with exterior lights for the holidays, something we didn’t do last year (just snowflakes on the windows, of course!). Writing her back, I all but demanded that she have one of her kids take a picture and send it to me, the result being today’s photo.

Now that’s all well and good. But what I MOST liked about Christine’s original message is that she referred to the Nantes house as OUR house, not as belonging to the people who live in it now. You know, the owners.

Indeed, the Nantes house is OUR house. And it’s so nice to see the correct use for those blue lights that we put up on our tree last year.

Your thoughts?

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