Quiet Day

It’s been a relatively quiet day in our house. Chloe has been the busiest, having had two babysitting jobs today. The first was from 9-4 and the second from 5:30-8:30. She has another full day tomorrow.

Ella has had the kind of school break day that I longed for (still do, truthfully) when I was a kid. She got up late, puttered around in her new bathrobe (the one that Santa brought for her), made some snacks/meals when she was hungry, and is now watching videos on YouTube.

Melinda spent a good chunk of the day by the fireplace, both with it having a fire and with it not having a fire. The “not” part involved her resetting the gas logs. The fire part included while she oiled the stonework hearth and, later, went online with her laptop (caught on digital “film”).

Me, I drove Chloe to and from her babysitting jobs, in between going for a long run and experimenting with our food processor to make my version of a raw bar. I also spent a good chunk of time catching up on email, PSCS and personal.

Very nice.

Your thoughts?

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