Tonight’s Dinner

I have spent quite literally hours and hours today organizing and cleaning up my email. I’m looking at recommended links sent to me, including watching videos. Like I said, it is a several hours long endeavor and I still have much more to do.

Among the emails I found is part of an exchange I had back in July (from France) with the manager of our local Metropolitan Market. Knowing I would want duck confit in Seattle, I was trying to track down a place I could buy it. In our email exchange, the manager said that they occasionally carry it and could always special order it. He suggested I call the meat manager to get the full lowdown.

Since the message included a phone number, a direct line to the meat department, I decided to call today. And lo and behold, they had duck confit in stock today! Guess where I went, in between cleaning up email messages?

That’s right.

Guess what Ella and I had for dinner tonight? That’s right. As you can see from the photo, I served our duck over a bed of lentils with a side of green beans.


2 thoughts on “Tonight’s Dinner

  1. Man, I really emphathize with you. I spent HOURS the other day cleaning up e-mails from late Spring and barely touched the pile! I wish I could be like my husband and delete all e-mails immediately; however, I have a very different style of corresponding by e-mail than he does, so… c’est la vie!

    1. Thanks, Linda. I get so many emails and in multiple contexts. many of them contain recommended links and videos. I just can’t get to them when they first arrive…

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