Cheers at the Pink Door!

First, the important news. The early report from Mia’s surgery is that it was successful. I look forward to hearing more.

Now, to the mundane news.

This afternoon Melinda and I drove to downtown Seattle, specifically to the Pike Place Market. We wanted to go to a store called the Paris Grocery. Yes, it’s supposed to be a French-like grocery store in Seattle, and we hadn’t yet visited it since returning home in July. While I bought a small amount of smoked duck and was pleased to see duck confit available (the same brand that I bought earlier this week at Metropolitan Market), we weren’t overly impressed with the store. I’d say that less than half of the products there were French imports. Many really had little or nothing to do with France! Still, it was a good start to a pleasant afternoon together.

Leaving the Paris Grocery, we explored the market for a while before heading to the Pink Door for a little late afternoon drink. It was Happy Hour and on the special menu were oysters. We each had three, washed down with a satisfying beverage (as seen in today’s photo).


Your thoughts?

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