About Mia, Bellydancing and Warm Thoughts

We learned last week that one of our former students, a young woman named Mia, has breast cancer. She’s only 29 so it’s been quite a shock to everyone who knows her. She asked me to share the news with members of the PSCS community, pointing out that she is having surgery tomorrow and would welcome supportive energy being sent her way around noon Pacific Time. I figured it couldn’t hurt to mention it here tonight, too.

I went searching through one of my PSCS archives to find a photo of Mia from when she was a PSCS student and located this one. She’s the third girl from the left, the tallest of the three students (the instructor is on the far right, face obscured). Yes, we offered a belly dancing class at PSCS. Among many things that make this photo interesting (to me, at least) is that it was taken in the back room of the old Speakeasy Café in Seattle. Great memories.

If you have the interest in learning more about Mia please take a look at the website Stefan, her husband, set up for people to follow her recovery. And if you’re available at around noon tomorrow (that’s 21H00 in France), send a warming hello to Mia, okay?

One thought on “About Mia, Bellydancing and Warm Thoughts

  1. Thank you for sharing Mia’s story. While I do not know her, I do believe in the power of positive energy. I am sending mine along to her and her family.

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