Family Update

Tomorrow morning Chloe heads back to college after having been home for 2 1/2 weeks. It’s been wonderful having her home, of course, and we are a little sorry to see her leaving. We are also excited for her to be back at school, as much as she enjoys it and as much as the time is right in her life for her to be in college.

With her departure I think it’s fair to say that the 2011 holidays are coming to an end for us. Yeah, we’ve been back at school since last Tuesday and our Christmas tree has been down for almost two weeks. But having Chloe home helped extend the holiday a good week into 2012.

Today’s picture comes from a family lunch we took today, the 4 of us heading out for Indian food, Chloe’s perpetual request. It hit the spot just right. And we had to have lunch be our farewell meal together since Chloe had a babysitting job lined up tonight. In fact, smart girl that she is, she had a lot of babysitting jobs over her break.

Today’s Question: What marks the end of the holiday season for you?

One thought on “Family Update

  1. January 2nd when my Granddaughter went home… but it was such a special holiday gift to have her with us!

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