Remembering Harry Chapin

I still have a fair amount of records. You know, music on vinyl that you play on something called a turntable. I set it up this afternoon to digitize some of my Harry Chapin records, which got me appreciating him all again. That lead me to YouTube where I found this homemade animation of his song “Flowers Are Red.”

As Ella has gotten older I’ve shared with her many of my favorite “Harry” songs, my all-time favorite being “Mr. Tanner,” a song that can sometimes bring tears to my eyes. I’m pleased to say that Ella now, on her own, will sometimes listen to Harry Chapin. In honor of that, I include this photo of Ella (and Melinda), taken on her 15th birthday in a French restaurant.

Today’s Question: What is a song that can move you to tears?

5 thoughts on “Remembering Harry Chapin

  1. I actually remember where I was when I heard on the radio when he passed. For some that is Kennedy, for me Harry. A true inspiration and I too am a fan of Flowers Are Red as well as many others.

    1. I wasn’t really aware of him until after he had died. Of course, I knew of Taxi and Cats in the Cradle, but it wasn’t until after a friend introduced me to more of his music that I grew to appreciate not only his humanity but his genius. A great human being.

  2. A song that can move me to tears? John Lennon and the Beatles with “Imagine.” Stirs my soul.

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