Long Distance

I’ve always loved this picture from the summer of 2009. That’s Chloe with her laptop, Skyping with her good friend Alex. What makes this Skype session extra special is that Chloe was on a sailboat in Canadian waters, no electricity or phone lines in sight, and Alex was in South America. I had paid a few bucks for a satellite Internet connection on the sailboat so Chloe could chat with Alex. She was thrilled, as I hope this picture shows.

When you stop and think about it, it’s pretty darn incredible, bordering on the miraculous. A person on a boat in Canada is having a live video conversation with her boyfriend in South America. It’s George Jetson-like, just the kind of thing that it seems we were dreaming about when I was a kid. Video phone calls. Right.

Today’s Question: What technological advance makes the greatest impression on you?

One thought on “Long Distance

  1. Actually what makes the greatest impression on me regarding technological advances is that I can ask my grandchildren how to do something either with a cellphone or a computer and they can not only do it but explain it to me so that I can replicate it! I love that they can teach me. And I think it gives them a sense of the changes in the world since I have been alive.

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