Desert Island Discs

At school this week I’ve been interviewing members of the staff in front of interested students. My interviews are based on the BBC Radio program Desert Island Discs in which “castaways” are asked to share 8 songs they would take with them if they were to be stranded on a deserted island (I’m asking the staff for 5). In sharing the songs, they get to talk about themselves, the songs being a way to gain insight into the person. PSCS being based as it is on human connection, I thought it would be a great way for the students to better know the staff. And I’m hoping that in future weeks some of the students will allow me to interview them.

Anyway, the tables are being turned on Friday and one of the students is going to interview me about my 5 songs. That got me thinking, of course. One of these songs, “Why” by Annie Lennox, is being chosen by me because it takes me right back to the time illustrated in today’s photo, Chloe’s birth and the months just after. Becoming a parent is a pretty significant life change, and this song works about as well as a time machine would in taking me there.

Today’s Prompt: Identify up to 5 songs you’d take with you to a deserted island.

7 thoughts on “Desert Island Discs

  1. That’s a great question.

    I would take:

    The Scientist – Coldplay
    All I Want is You – U2
    Beethoven’s Piano Trio, Op. 97 (Archduke Trio)
    Under The Milky Way – The Church
    Green Eyes – Coldplay

    What are your other four Andy?

  2. How about just the first two that spring to mind…..John Lennon’s IMAGINE, and Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

    • Hi Liz, I’m writing from BBC RAdio 4 and am researching a programme about how Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony has touched people’s lives. Could you get in touch with me, to let me know why you would choose it as one of your desert island discs?

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  4. Andy, not an easy task to do. Songs have such meanings to me. They take me back to a time and a place or even a feeling. My iTunes Library has over 14,000 songs on it. I have a favorites playlist with over 400….all with meanings. I have thought about this for a few days. I got it down to the 8.

    1) Shout – Trevor Marty
    2) Heartbreak a Stranger – Bob Mould
    3) Music for Boys -Suburbs
    4) She loves the Sunset – Old 97’s
    5) Far From Home – Wild Colonial Bhoys
    6) Dizzy – Throwing Muses
    7) Black – Pearl Jam
    8) Ship of Fools – World Party

    A different day I would have a different list.

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