Volunteer Appreciation

There are a couple of big events happening tonight at PSCS, hence the early posting. The first, getting set up right now in the large room next to where I am typing at school, is our volunteer appreciation dinner. As a community school, PSCS relies heavily on volunteers to provide a wide range of activities to our students. Tonight, we’re hosting a dinner at school to show our gratitude. Several students have spent the school week catering the meal, with guidance and help from a member of our staff.

Learn more here about volunteering at PSCS.

After that, it’s the opening night of three straight evening performances of the school’s annual play. More than half of the student body is involved, including Ella, who is one of the performers. Tickets are sold out for tonight but remain available here for tomorrow’s and Saturday’s performances.

Today’s Prompt: How did/do you get involved in extra-curricular high school activities?

One thought on “Volunteer Appreciation

  1. My love of theatre, which began onstage in 9th grade, was the beginning of a lifelong love affair that included directing plays, designing costumes, building and designing sets, being in charge of make up, working on props crews, producing plays, and lastly designing lights which lead to my second career involving theatre as a professional lighting designer.

    In high school and college I was mostly onstage, but I worked backstage as well, learning all that I could about the magic of theatre. Additional my involvment with theatre in high school provided my husband who was a Senior the opportunity to get to know me a Junior. He was in the Senior dramatics class across the hall from my speech class! We have been married for 47 years!

    I have always had very fond memories of my involvement in the drama program at high school including a two week summer workshop offered by Indiana University which I ultimately attended as a theatre major. Great things can come from our extra-curricular activities as high school students!!!

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