Given the picture, I first thought I’d call this post “Kid Art,” but I’m pretty sure I have another post with that name. Two things make that hard to determine, at least as I’m writing. The first is I’ve written hundreds of posts so it’s getting harder and harder to search for them. But that’s not the main reason. More significantly, we’ve lost our Internet connection at home and won’t have it back until some time Monday afternoon, at the earliest. Needless to say this makes for some frustrating hours.


Clearly, however, I’ve somehow managed to connect to the Internet to post this entry. Yeah, well, I wrote it at home and am posting it from a local café.

Anyway, I’m disconnected and frustrated. And I cheered myself up by finding this portrait of me drawn by Chloe many, many years ago.

Today’s Prompt: What makes you feel disconnected?

2 thoughts on “Disconnected

  1. Sometimes I really feel disconnected when my loved ones spend HOURS at a time on the computer. For example when my husband comes home from skiing in the afternoon and then gets on the computer until dinner time. Or even worse when my grandsons come to visit while we are on our winter sojourn of four months and they play computer games by themselves for hours at a time, each on a different computer. The computer takes all their focus and attention so that I feel I might as well not be in the same room.

    But “pulling the plug” to disconnect this invasive machine does not seem to be an option!

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