Desert Island Discs Part II

On Wednesday I introduced the concept of Desert Island Discs, sharing one of the songs I’d take with me should I have the misfortune of being marooned on a deserted island (and somehow have with me a handful of songs). Every day at PSCS this week I have interviewed a member of the staff, having them share the 5 songs they’d take with them.

Today at PSCS it was my turn. I was interviewed by a student and shared my 5 songs, getting to play each one and tell stories about them. Considering this from the standpoint of being stranded with only 5 songs, I picked songs that I connect very specifically with Melinda, Chloe and Ella.

If you are interested in my choices (plus 3 “bonus” choices – the BBC program allows 8), even getting to listen to them, go here.

Today’s Prompt: Here’s another chance to share YOUR 5 (or 8) desert island discs.

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