Natural Photographer

Ella took this picture of Melinda (click on it to enlarge it) when she (Ella) was 7 years old. I really, really like it. I like LOTS of pictures that the girls took when they were quite young. In fact, I made a photo album of Chloe’s pictures (with her help) back when she was just a single digit age.

I don’t know exactly what makes these pictures so appealing to me. If it’s because they somehow convey an innocence, or if there is something about the perspective, or it it’s the angle or … In the case of this one, it also has to do with the cheap camera Ella was using and the light. It all came together to get this shot, which Melinda even uses as her profile picture on her Facebook page.

Today’s Prompt: Is there a form of “kid art” that you like?

3 thoughts on “Natural Photographer

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  2. I loved and still have some of my son’s original finger paint work! It was wonderful and he is stil quite a good artist, unlike his mother!

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