Self Portrait

Today’s photo, for my money, is the best photographic self-portrait I’ve ever seen. I mean it. Ella took it in 2004, just moments before taking the picture of Melinda in yesterday’s post. She had the hand mirror out on the dining room table, caught herself in it, and snapped this picture (remember, click on it to enlarge it).

I like the expression on her face, like she’s not quite sure if this is going to work out. She looks a little self-conscious, too, like she’s not sure she should be taking her picture.

I like her hand on the mirror, holding it in place. And I especially like the fingernail polish. What color is that anyway? Turquoise?

Today’s Prompt: What’s your favorite self-portrait?

One thought on “Self Portrait

  1. When I was in graduate school, we made a mask of ourselves. It was kind of scary, all white plaster of paris with our eyes and mouths closed, but quite peaceful. I hung it in my attic where I infrequently went. Somehow, it was comforting to see it periodically, as though it were a death mask, but I was not dead yet. So…. when we moved from that house which we had lived in for thirty three years, I decided it belonged to the house. Wonder if the new owners took it down… too scary maybe?

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