A Caddy in America!

Here’s one for our French friends to roll their eyes over. Are you listening Frédérique & Laurent and Christine & Bérnard? See what Melinda bought from Ikea this week and was busy assembling this morning? That’s right.

For everyone else, you really need to go read this post from September 26, 2010, the 88th day of our sabbatical.

So now we have a “caddy” in the United States. Next we’ll be regularly walking to the grocery store and taking the caddy on public transportation (where we live in Seattle this means nothing more than a bus – boy, do I miss Ligne 2).

The weather is beautiful in Seattle today, sunny with a high in the upper 50’s. I guess that’s got Melinda and me thinking of spring last year in Nantes (it was in the low 70’s there today…).

Today’s Prompt: How do you honor an important experience in your past?

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