Conduite Accompagnée

Ella is a permitted driver in Washington state and seconds ago left with Melinda, Ella behind the wheel. I snapped this picture just before she hopped in the car.

Before leaving France last summer, Melinda bought the sticker you see in this picture for our car. It’s required in France when you have “accompanied driving” (the literal translation). She thought it would be fun to have this reminder of France in our car once Ella started driving.

The sticker also serves to remind us of when Romain got his license a year and a half ago and Melinda doctored up one of these stickers for him. Given how much time the Boudeaus spend driving us around, we both thought it was fitting. Learn more.

Today’s Prompt: Recall when you started driving, or a time when you helped someone else learn to drive.

2 thoughts on “Conduite Accompagnée

  1. This past summer my 17 year old twin granddaughters who had not been eager to learn to drive were visiting us in Texas. Their mother was keen on them getting their licenses as she was being run ragged with the scheduled activities of two busy high schoolers.

    I took on the task of getting the girls in my car (the oldest we own) each on their own, every day we possibly could for at least forty-five minutes up to two hours for our longest drive. One of the twins had done some road driving, the other almost none. I did not teach either of my children how to drive, so we had some nervewracking scenes trying to get them to adjust to other traffic, windy roads, stop signs, staying in their lane around intersections, etc.

    The worst experience was my fault. On one of the first days, I did not want to take the most experienced one on the four lane highway (almost all roads in East Texas are straight and have speed limits of 70 mph) so I rather quickly suggested she pull into a barricaded entry road for a pump jack (small oil rig) so we could turn around and go back the way we came. She was confused, I told her late, but she tried to make the turn AND we ended up sailing over the culvert for the small road and landing about three feet below in the ditch! Fortunately the only damage to the car was to break even more the already cracked plastic front bumper cover. That’s the reason we took my old car, just in case…

    We switched drivers and drove around until we were both calm enough to report the incident to their nervous nelly Mom and their Gramp, but we got back out on the road the next day, and the next, and the next! It was exhausting, but I am really proud of the work I did with them. Now if they could just finish the job and get their licenses! School will soon be over and the most experienced scraped a car during her driver’s test!! Wow!! Driving now is certainly not the way it was when I learned how to drive!

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