“George Sherrill May Be Done”

I had a quick email exchange with my brother Scott earlier today (that’s him in today’s photo, after a fishing trip in the late 1970’s). I asked him if he enjoyed waking up and hearing a live Seattle Mariners baseball game on the radio. The Mariners are in Japan to start the baseball season and the time difference has had the two games they played there begin in the wee hours of the morning in Seattle where, of course, they are being broadcast live on the radio.

Scott is a stockbroker by profession. Living on the west coast, he has to get up early in order to be in his office by the market’s opening. But he takes it to an extreme, getting up each workday just after 3am, right about the time the two baseball games started. Perfect timing for him. Here is what he said:

“I absolutely love listening to live baseball on the way to work, but guess it won’t happen again for many years. Yesterday was certainly better than today. I put George Sherrill on a June 1st release date; I think he may be done.”

Today’s Prompt: Share a story about a sibling with someone.

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