The Power of Kindness

I’ve got a new kindness class beginning next Sunday, April 8, so I’ve been thinking a bit about it. In the midst of this thinking, last night I received this image from my Kind Living illustrator, someone I met online who goes by the name of Fish Astronaut. I had asked him to illustrate this link on the Kind Living website. As of tonight, I haven’t put his new image there so go see what I asked him to replace. Pretty good, don’t you think?

My new class is called the Power of Kindness and will include the reading of this book by Piero Ferrucci. More about my philosophy of kindness, including a reference to this book, can be found in an interview I gave to a reporter in Dubai that led to this article. If you want to participate in the class, let me know.

Today’s Prompt: What kindness did you perform today?

3 thoughts on “The Power of Kindness

  1. I have been regularly recieving short videos of my neices’ son, whom I have yet to meet, over the last two years. I try to make comments on a regular basis about his activities and how much he has grown. Today I recieved one of Garrett coloring Easter eggs that was so precious….

    I was sort of down after recieving so many political e-mails over the last two weeks and was touched by his innocence and sweetness. This time I sent a comment to Rebecca about how much I appreciated the gift she gives to me of sharing her son’s life. I have noticed that her list of recipients has narrowed, so I just wanted to make sure she knew how much I appreciated being on her list. I need her kindness and hope my appreciation will be rewarded with being on her list indefinitely.

  2. Hi Andy. Great post. I really look forward to taking the class. 🙂 As for my act of kindness, I woke up at 5 a.m and drove someone to the airport.

    P.S. I take it I have to purchase the book before class starts?

    Have a great day!

    • There will be a reading assignment announced on April 8 for the first week of class, along with a “kind action theme” related to the reading. So you’ll need to either have the book by the 8th or get it that week. 🙂

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