Compassionate Seattle

Melinda and I just returned from an event in Seattle called “A Call for Compassion: Collective Impact 2012” (learn more). Based on our work with PSCS and with Kind Living, we were asked to attend. Certainly, we’re all in favor of bringing more compassion into the world. And when we had a chance to talk about how we incorporate kindness and gratitude at PSCS, we had quite a few engaged listeners.

Anyway, I’m posting late tonight because of it and went searching for an image in support of it. I found this one, “graffiti” from our trip to Italy last spring.

Just like how I can get behind calls for compassion, I like graffiti like this.

Today’s Prompt: What does compassion mean to you?

2 thoughts on “Compassionate Seattle

  1. “Jesus is the answer”
    “What was the question?”
    “Who is Manny Alou’s brother?”

    From graffiti seen on UW campus in 1980. In this order.

Your thoughts?

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