Steelenson & Grammy

The racehorse in today’s photo is my favorite horse from when I was a kid. His name is Steelenson and I took this picture of him late one summer afternoon in the late 70’s at Longacres. He was a cheap, no-name horse. He wasn’t good enough to run in anything but claiming races. But I loved watching him run.


Two reasons. One, he had that great running style of starting slow and coming on fast at the end, what is called being a “closer.” And two, my grandmother (I called her Grammy) and I always bet on him ($2 to show). More often than not he came in for us. He typically ran in the last race of the day, sending us home with a great feeling that I can easily conjure up when I think of the two of them, Steelenson and Grammy.

Today’s Prompt: Share a memory of a grandparent.

4 thoughts on “Steelenson & Grammy

  1. My maternal grandparents ran a small country grocery store. My grandmother was wonderful to me, the first grand daughter. When I was quite young I was allowed to have a fresh banana sliced into a bowl of milk and sprinkled with a fairly liberal helping of sugar. To this day I sometimes tell my grandchildren about this special breakfast my grandmother made for me. Of course then bananas were not in stock year round like they are now. Just telling my grandchildren or sharing this story here makes my heart feel warm and tender still as the precious granddaughter.

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