Tram de Nantes

I don’t know what came over me. Maybe it was Melinda looking at possible places for us to stay in Nantes when we return this summer. Whatever the reason, I typed “Nantes Tan” in the search box at YouTube and found a handful of videos of my beloved tram in Nantes, including this one below of my Line 2. Laugh at me all you want. Be bored by the fact I’m embedding a video of a tram. But get a little bit of a kick out of the fact that this means so much to me. Yes, I miss Nantes.

Today’s Prompt: What is something you miss about a place where you used to live?

3 thoughts on “Tram de Nantes

  1. the link two is empty without you (Andy and Melinda) Please come back quickly before the link close !

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