Bread & Butter

News Flash – France has good food.

In fact, France has really, really good food, the bread, as is generally known, being incredible. Just as we suspected, we returned from France as self-proclaimed bread snobs. We can’t find a decent baguette anywhere (even in the so-called French bakeries of Seattle). I had this explained to me this week as having to do with Europe not allowing genetically motivated wheat, like in the US. Further, I was told, Europeans are coming to the states and experiencing gluten sensitivity.


Anyway, not only is the bread superior in France, so is the butter, at least by our evaluation. But today at Costco we found our favorite French butter. Perhaps things are looking up.

3 thoughts on “Bread & Butter

  1. And what about your mother’s rolls?? Don’t they qualify even if we don’t have that good wheat from France?

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